Uncanny, Unafraid, Unamused!!

Welcome to the world of one of a kind, fun up-cycled clothing!

Unamused Apparel is more than just a clothing company, it is a way of life. Like all other life forms, Unamused was dug up from the earth and watered and fed for years as it grew into what you are seeing today.

We are two twin sisters whose passion for fun clothing inspired us to create a world in which everyone could own one of a kind apparel. The kind of thing that makes people on the street smile as you walk by.

All screen-prints and block prints are designed and handprinted by us :)  

Everyone is welcome in the Unamused Webworld, relax, have a glass of apple cider rum, get out a notepad and doodle your imaginations, and most importantly have FUN. Stay Unamused XX